Carl Kettunen

Hospitality Pastor



Pastor Carl Kettunen was raised in Shoreview Minnesota. In 1998, after receiving his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Winona State University, he moved to White Bear Lake Minnesota, where he now resides with his wife Megan, his sons Noah and Micah, and his daughter Hannah.

In March of 2000, Carl and Megan met Pastors Jim and Pamela and began attending the Bible study they hosted and held in their home. Just over a year later, Pastors Jim and Pamela started Victory Celebration Church. At that time Carl was asked to be Treasurer of VCC, and gladly accepted the position. Over the next few years Carl took on a variety of additional responsibilities based on the direction of the Pastors and the needs of the church. Over time, Carl responded to a deep desire to reach out to the community and the Body of Christ by joining the Prayer Team. A couple years passed, and Pastors Jim and Pamela asked if he would like to be an Associate Pastor. Carl knew that this offer was a confirmation of the call God placed on his life and was blessed and honored to accept the position.

Carl is a graduate of Victory Training Center; a satellite school of AFCM ITC Bible school. He is committed to reaching the community and the nations for the Kingdom of God. 

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